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    I signed up on here with no great expectations and I have to say that I'm very impressed with this site. Not only have I won cool prizes, but consistently too! I've not been on here 3 months yet and already won close to $600 worth of prizes! Best prizes have been the Lancome Beauty pack worth $144 and the Bikini Village gift cert for $100. I don't expect to win thousands of dollars on a single prize, but who knows! I want to say thank you and I'm so happy I signed up on here!
    - sunsweep


    I never dreamt when first joining Canada Sweepstakes that after less than two years, my winnings total would be over $7000. The membership fee was the best investment that I have made in a long time. The site so user friendly, and that shows through the winning success of the members. The members are not only a group, but they truly care about each other. Great site, great people, great wins!! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job. Now I love going to the mailbox, because you never know what may be waiting...
    - Ranash


    I have won my membership fee back 100-fold! After spending the $24 for a membership only 3 months later I won $1500 cash, an autographed electric guitar, cordless phone and lots of smaller prizes. WHAT A SITE!! Thank you!
    - nightheat


    I have been sweeping since March 2002. In the past some of my wins have been, a Dell computer system complete with an all in one printer, ARV $5000, Panasonic DVD recorder $1300, Lego set, backpacks, YTV pack, tools, CDs, t-shirts, hats. All of these wins are from canadian companies. Canada Sweepstakes is very organized and very, very user friendly. Our Webmaster is very dedicated to the site. I especially look forward to entering the forum as the members are so helpful and so supportive of each other. Canadasweepstakes, by far, is the best website for serious sweepers.
    - mygirls


    Canadasweepstakes is the best site around. We have a very active forum. Need a contest answer or a UPC # chances are you'll find it here. Thanks for the beautiful site.
    - Mistycarole


    This is by far the most comprehensive contest site out there....it puts all others to shame. The site is run extremely professionally, the support from the webmaster is exceptional, the listings are consistantly updated on a daily basis, I could go on and on. If you're serious about wanting to win, this is the place to be!
    - ladyslipper


    Canada Sweepstakes offers the most comprehensive collection of Canadian Contest information that you will find anywhere on the Internet. In addition to an extensive list of categorized contests and the CS Forum, a full support community of dedicated members who volunteer their time to enhance your chances, Canada Sweepstakes has a proven track record of winning members. From Beginner to experienced Hobbyist, you will find every thing you need here at Canada Sweepstakes, to make you a winner!
    - Tubclb (CS Moderator)


    The beauty of Canadasweepstakes, and what makes it stand above in my opinion, is the hard work and dedication exhibited by its webmaster and members. Answering trivia questions, posting regional contests, sharing assistance with computer and website problems and generally providing laughs and any help that they can! Want to know what people are winning, check winner's lists or brag about your own wins? You can do that here too! Canadasweepstakes is comprehensive, currently updated and loads of fun! These aspects make it a unique experience for contestors who love to enter and win!
    - serendipity


    Canadasweepstakes is a great site...set up in an easy to use manner, with up to the minute information supplied by the webmaster and the members. Once you join and have entered the hundreds of contests you will find yourself winning ...and winning many prizes you would never have bought for yourself and many unusual prizes. Its just a great "family" to belong to.
    - vedder


    The webmaster never ceases to amaze me with all the great contests she finds and how well she maintains the site. I have checked out many sites over the past few years and this one stands out. The monthly list of winners speaks for itself in how successful the members are. The membership fee for 6 months is less than a night out at the movies and gives you a lot more entertainment without even leaving the house!!!
    - deedee


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