Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What do the symbols in the sweepstakes listings mean? 

    The symbols are the "short form" of the contest rules. The general format followed is: number of entries allowed/who in a household may enter/frequency of entry. Symbols that may be used on this site are:

    e=email address
    o=odd entry (read the rules on site)
    d=daily entry
    w=weekly entry
    m=monthly entry
    aom=age of majority in the province/state you reside in

    An example: 1/p/e/d translates to: One entry per person or email address per day.

    2) How are the contest listings organized?

    There are 3 contest sections.  These contest sections do not overlap.  All contests fall into 1 of the following 3 sections:

              Online Contests:   A list of current sweepstakes available on the internet.  You can view all of them as one big list or view 
                                               them based on their entry frequency (single, daily, weekly, monthly or unlimited).

         Snail Mail Contests:  A list of contests that are entered by mail.

          Regional Contests:  A list of contests available on the internet that have very restrictive regional rules (For example: Toronto
                                               only, Halifax only, etc.).  If a contest is available province-wide it is included in the Online Contests list.
                                               Also included in this section are listings for smaller websites like radio stations or TV stations that 
                                               may or may not be currently running contests in your city/province.

    You can also choose to view the contests by prize "categories".  If you click on "Computers" you will be shown a list of all online contests that are giving away a computer as their MAIN prize.  Most contests are classified under a single prize category even though they may be giving out other smaller prizes that would fit it into other categories as well.  If there is more than one main prize then the contest may be included in multiple prize categories.

    You can sort all of the contest listings by their end date, the date they were added to the website or alphabetically using the drop-down menu provided.  You can also select the number of contests you would like to view per page.

    3) Why are so many contests void in the Province of Quebec?

    Unlike the rest of Canada, contests must be registered on the provincial level in
    Quebec. This means that all contests, in order to include residents of Quebec, must
    be registered with an overseeing agency known as the "Regie des Alcools, des
    Courses et des Jeux" or the RACJ for short. Registration of a contest or
    sweepstakes requires the applicant to pay a fee, fill out some forms and ensure all
    contest instructions are in both french and english. The fee charged ranges from 3%
    to 10% of the value of the prize. Companies must also put up a bond that equals the
    value of the prize if it is over $1,000 CDN so in the event of a bankruptcy the winner
    still receives their prize. These fees and registration requirements deter most
    companies from offering their contests to Quebec residents.

    4) What does the rule "no automated entries" refer to?

    This refers to using a software program that automatically visits websites that you
    have programmed in and filling out a contest entry form without you needing to be
    present. This is not the same thing as using a reminder or bookmark program or a
    program to fill out forms such as ROBOFORM.

    5) Is there a way to increase my odds of winning?

    If you find one, let me know! General rules of thumb are to enter local contests,
    rather than national ones as your odds are better at winning these. Enter contests that
    allow fewer entries rather than unlimited. Enter contests that are weekly or monthly
    as many people enter these once and forget to go back to enter again. ROBOFORM is
    an extremely useful tool.  For more information on ROBOFORM please visit their
    website here.

    6) Do I really need to read the rules?

    Do you really want to win the prize? If you do, you better check the rules.

    7) I live in Quebec, and the rules say "void where prohibited", does that include me?

    Legally it does, yes. Many sites don't want the hassle of registering through the
    RACJ or don't understand it. But if you check to see if they have previous contest
    winners listed on their site, you might be surprised to see that many of them have
    winners from Quebec. You might try to enter anyway as there is no law against you
    entering, but there are no guarantees your entry will be accepted.

    8) What if a site requires me to pay to enter the contest or claim a prize?

    RUN! Never give out financial information or money.

    9) Do I have to fill out the whole form?

    Do you want to win the whole prize?

    10) Why am I not winning anything?

    Be patient and be consistent. Stay on a routine for entering and the wins will come.

    11) Why do you have that stupid moose all over your website?

    Ok, all moose are stupid looking, not just the one on this website. It's part of their
    charm. And mooses (meese?) are very hip. Be thankful it's not a beaver (or
    advertising....shudder). Plus, it's my website, so I can have whatever stupid
    looking thing I want plastered all over it. If it irritates you so much, just delete your
    bookmark to the website. Or there's a little x on the top right of your browser. Just
    click it and the moose disappears!

    12) How do I delete my bookmark?

    And you think the moose is stupid?

    13) I'm worried about spam. Do you have a privacy policy?

    I worry about that too. Unfortunately, it can be a side-effect of entering contests, but your
    inbox could also be full of the stuff for no reason at all. You might as well try to win
    something in the process.

    You will never receive unsolicitated e-mail from entering a contest that I happen to be
    running. You can check out the privacy policy. I also recommend that you get a
    separate e-mail address to use just for entering contests and sweepstakes. That way, an
    email from Grandma doesn't get mixed up and thrown in the trash with all the advertising.

    14) How do I place a link to your website on my website?

    You can find banners, buttons and links, as well as instructions here.

    15) Can I submit a contest for you to include on your site?

    There is a submission form to fill out to submit contests you know of that you don't see
    listed on the website. I'm very picky though, so I don't guarantee that I'll include

    16) I have a membership question.

    You'll find information on becoming a member on the "How to Become a Member" Page.

    17) I have a question that wasn't answered here.

    I'd love to hear it! Just click on the "Get In Touch" tab at the top of this page and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.